February 17, 2016

Virtual reality and the future of sex

By now everybody and their gran has heard of, if not sampled virtual reality in some shape or form but the adult entertainment industry has found the perfect way to take advantage of the newest virtual reality tech and push it one step further into the realms of creepiness.

The likes of Samsung, Google, and Oculus Rift all have headsets readily available, the cheapest option being the Google Cardboard headset which can be bought for less than £10.

But where does the sex part come in?

Well, it’s all down to 3D video recording and slick production from the adult movie makers. They’ve been able to direct their movies in such a way that when the movie is watched through a virtual reality headset, the wearer becomes a part of the cast. With a 360 degree horizontal field of view and usually an 180 degrees vertical field of view, allowing you to look down and see a ripped set of abs or look up and see your female counterpart.

These movies and virtual reality headsets are an indicator of what the future holds for a natural act that connects people in reality. There are currently quite a few sex aides that allow you to connect with your partner via the Internet such as the love sense kit which bundles a vibrator and a tube-like device that has a lining that can mimic the size and shape of the partners parts based on the readings from the vibrator.

There is also significant advancements in 3D camera technology such as Intel RealSense, which will lead to better 3D image capturing in mobile phones in the not too distant future. Now while there is a hint of speculation at this point, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where it’s all heading. Better 3D equipped mobile phones and connected sex devices coupled with virtual reality headsets can mean only one thing!

That bizarre scene from the movie Demolition Man that involves Sly Stallone and Sandra Bullock putting on a headset and sensors to make love will end up becoming a reality. Long distance lovers will all be using technology to connect with their partners, and the adult movie connoisseur will cease to want regular 2D entertainment.

All of this is a long way off but maybe not as long as you’d expect. It also comes with some potential problems for future humanity should this become the norm, such as a breakdown in actual physical contact with people.

As with all technology and advancements that should make life easier in the future, we always end up needing a better alternative, hopefully, virtual sex isn’t one that takes over entirely.

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