February 27, 2016

MasterCard Selfie Payment

The payment giant that is “MasterCard” has been trailing a new way of adding a little more security and reducing online fraud. They have been trialling a new method of authenticating payment credentials without the need for pin codes, pass codes and verification codes that we’re all used to using when making mobile payments.

MasterCard is supposedly releasing the technology after successful trials and rolling it out to Britain as well as 14 other countries by this summer.

So what is this mystical payment Vudu that MasterCard wants us to adopt?

They want us to use our faces to be the authentication when making mobile payments; there is also the option of fingerprint recognition if your phone has the capability.

You’ll be required to install a special MasterCard app on your phone and take a selfie which will then digitise your face and upload the image to MasterCard’s servers for comparison when you go to use the authentication method at the time of future payments. When making a payment, you’ll open the MasterCard app and be prompted to either use a fingerprint scan or look into your phone’s camera until it recognises you and allows the transaction to complete.

It may sound like its a recipe for disaster and make fraud easier (via a photo of somebody’s face instead), but MasterCard seems to have those bases covered. You will be required to blink while the camera is looking at you to ensure you are in fact a human.

It seems as if this was such an obvious progression from chip ‘n’ pin and online pass codes but it’ll be coming sooner than most expected.

This new secure method has been dubbed MasterCard Identity check and should make itself apparent the coming months as it replaces the usual SecureCode checks that usually pop up when making an online payment at retailers.

MasterCard Selfie payment could be the end of the good old’ random digits they requested from your password which always ended up in you having to count out loud using your fingers to figure which letter is 1st, 4th and 6th.

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