March 5, 2016

Are Smart Watches worth it?

From as far back as most of us can remember, the accessory of choice for the average man/woman has been the timepiece. Whether you’re making a statement with a blinged out big face watch or an understated slimline work of master craftsmanship to keep track of time, one thing remains the same, and that is the human nature to look at the clock and count down the minutes to our next engagement or better yet home time.

We’ve been promised in the past of smarter watches that do a whole lot more than telling the time and now that most of the gimmicks and downright useless functions have been toned down, it seems the manufacturers of the modern smartwatch have finally stumbled upon the winning formula.

Google’s Android Wear and Apple being the only real contenders in the smart watch sector doesn’t mean the market isn’t flooded with options galore when it comes to choosing a futuristic timepiece.

This is mainly because the Android Wear operating system is open to any manufacturer to create the hardware for it to run on which has, in turn, led to watches fit for every taste.

Whichever watch you choose will be down to where your allegiance lies. If you’re in the Apple camp, then you have the option of using either of Apple or Google watch, as Google has made their OS compatible with Apple devices, but sadly the same can’t be said for the Apple Watch, which is iPhone compatible only. Most watches will have a similar set of features that may include but are not limited to:

  • Heart rate sensors
  • Motion/Gyroscopic sensors (for hand gesture control)
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wifi connectivity
  • Built-in microphone (for voice searches and dictation)
  • Built in speaker (for two way communication/answer calls)

While most people may think that all the above sounds like overkill, it’s only when you spend some time with a smart watch that you realise just how convenient they can be.

Taking a glance at a watch as it vibrates to notify you of an incoming call or text on your phone and being able to swipe away the notification to silence your phone is a lot handier than you might think.

Having the power of internet searches via your voice when the magic words “OK Google” are muttered in the direction of your watches microphone.

You can also initiate and reply to messages from the most commonly used instant messaging and SMS text apps without the need to whip your phone out and unlock it, and then go through the arduous task of typing out an essay length response.

The smartwatch appears to be here to stay and if the current iterations are anything to go by then we’ll all be surely wearing them shortly as the adoption level increases and functions grow to inevitably replace the mobile phone altogether at some point.

The smart watch is worth investing in, even if it’s just a showpiece on your wrist, at first, it’ll soon become a routine part of your daily wardrobe change once the benefits and sheer usefulness become apparent to the individual wearer.

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