April 13, 2016

Worlds smallest pacemaker

In a time when mobile, laptop and tablet manufacturers have yet to make up their mind whether smaller or bigger is the way forward, it’s nice to see some areas of technology are only moving in one direction. And that direction is to make things smaller yet more efficient while also improving life in a genuinely beneficial way.

A company called Medtronic has been given FDA approval for its transcatheter pacemaker dubbed Micra TPS Pacemaker. It’s the first pacemaker to feature miniaturized pacing technology and gain support from the US government.

The company that created it has labelled it as the world’s smallest pacemaker, and it’s just a tenth of size as traditional peacemaking technology.

When the company submitted the device for clinical trials they were delights to report that the devices were successfully implanted into 96% of trialists without complication and 99% didn’t experience the device moving around or out of place which is 51% lower than that of traditional pacemakers. Medtronic has also highlighted that 98% of the patients showed signs of low and stable pacing after six months use!

Should the device continue at that rate, it could last up to 12 years before replacement was needed.

The Micra TPS works by being attached to the heart with small tines that deliver impulses with an electrode at one end, unlike traditional pacemakers the devices don’t need a pocket underneath a patient’s skin and can remain concealed from view.

The nifty little pacemaker will also adjust its impulses based on the patients activity automatically and has approval for use during full-body MRI scans.

This comes in handy as it will allow the wearer to relax and forget about having to set their pacemaker to the correct setting continuously, it’ll also still enable them to undergo detailed medical imaging from MRI equipment which has previously been limited.

This tech is surely a bit of kit that’ll get the heart pumping that’s for sure!

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