November 21, 2015

Smaller and Smarter Tablets

Not a revolution but an evolution. The process of building mini PCs has been underway since the 60s. Apple, Microsoft, HP and all other major tech giants have had their experience with it.

All the hardware manufacturers have given it a go and the results were great for that time and era. But with years the technology has drastically changed and the improvements in the design are also immense, to say the least!

The most drastic difference in design was when Apple launched their iPad in 2010 and completely changed the aesthetics of tablets. HP and Microsoft both tried their own individual attempts at it and also came out with a few good products but after the iPad, all other tablets took a back seat. A few specialised tablets were also made for Point of Sale (POS) systems for better and quicker management of sales.

These smaller gadgets have been used not only in bigger super markets but now the trend has been catching on in the restaurant business where waiters take orders on tablets instead of pen and paper. Even specialised tablets for graphics have been made that help artists and painters digitize their work easily.

Drafting Pads are common with people who have some graphic designing skills, mechanical skill and then computerised graphics make the best animations. A lot of these cartoons host images from graphic pads like the Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Medium Tablet, which is in high demand among designers and animators.

Moreover, not only are tablets for graphic purposes, but also in the books arena, where it has replaced paper yet again. Mini Tablets also known as e-book readers are common among readers now. As everything is lightweight now, readers do not like to carry volumes of books on them instead just carry a lightweight kindle. This e-book reader’s market has been completely dominated by the Amazon Kindle Device which is the most popular and widely used tablet for reading books.

The newest version have always brought something better and with its long lasting battery power and tons of storage space, readers can download multiple books and read them anytime anywhere. Yes, the tablet has replaced pen and paper in a lot of places but with the evolution of tablets, the evolution of laptops has been running in parallel.

This brings us to the technological advancements in laptops, with super-fast processors and light weight laptops now in trend it is hard for a tablet to compete with the laptops. People now easily carry their laptops everywhere so there seems no need of a tablet as a laptop has more comfort in doing certain tasks and definitely more space.

Tasks like making or editing spreadsheets, writing a document, managing more than one task are all easier on a laptop, although a tablet can easily help u with playing games, browsing online or shopping online, but not technical tasks mentioned before. Whereas, shopping online and playing games can all be done on your mobile phones anyway which you carry with you all the time. A tablet is extra luggage that you take more as a sign of luxury than necessity.

All the functions can either be done by mobiles or laptops. So the trend of tablets has taken a downfall in the past two years, but as with all technology, the lines are becoming blurred between mobile phones, tablets and laptops – the evolution continues, and fast!

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