January 29, 2016

Smart Lighting – Anything But Dim

Making the everyday monotony of worrying about our home appliances and electricity consumption is slowly becoming a thing of the past, thanks in part to[...]
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January 20, 2016

How Large is your Device? Is Big the new small?

For the last 20 years, we’ve been told that the smaller, faster and sleeker a device the better.  This smaller device should do everything better than[...]
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January 15, 2016

3D Printing – Soon To Be In The Homes Of The Masses?

3D printing has fast become a hot topic in recent years; it intrigues everybody and often pricks the interest of the adventurous hobbyist. Lots of manufacturers[...]
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November 30, 2015

The new Flying robots a.k.a Flying Quadcopters

With the new surge of technology, and beneficial effects of such technology, drones have gained a lot of attention, and appreciation in this past year.[...]
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November 21, 2015

Smaller and Smarter Tablets

Not a revolution but an evolution. The process of building mini PCs has been underway since the 60s. Apple, Microsoft, HP and all other major tech giants[...]
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November 15, 2015

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip unveiled

The new Snapdragon 820 chip hardware was unveiled by Qualcomm on Thursday at a presentation in New York. The chip has many other functions besides running[...]
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October 15, 2015

NAS Solutions for your Home Network

Home networks came about gently and without any dramatic or sudden introduction. The idea often was to be able to share files across computers such as[...]
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